Thursday, March 11, 2010

A vacuumed dog

My 10 and 6 year old have just made gnocchi without my help.   My advice to you, if you are crazy enough to allow such a thing and happen to have a black lab who will not dare step away from an area where food might fall...keep the dust buster ready!   I just had to vacuum my dog.   Really.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

One pan, one knife and one cutting board!

Elegant dinners which are easy to prepare are heaven in my opinion.   While I will not shy away from complex preparations for a weekend meal or when breaking bread with close friends, on a busy weeknight simplicity is my best friend.   This meal is simple to prepare and reminds me of the first night a dear friend shared it with me over several glasses of wine and warm conversation.   Thank you Kerry!

Cod prepared with potatoes, fennel, basil and tomatoes.    As the title suggests preparation requires one pan, one knife and one cutting board.

Play with the ingredients as you wish.   Tonight I am using...

2 pounds of cod (some for my picky eater to have tomorrow while the rest of us enjoy zuppa di baccala)
4 good sized potatoes
1 bulb of fennel
cherry tomatoes
white wine

Swirl a bit of olive oil in the bottom of your pan.   Peel, slice and layer the potatoes with the sliced fennel on top.   Add the basil generously throughout.   Place the cod on top of the potatoes and fennel, sprinkle with salt and pepper.   Add the cherry tomatoes and a glass of white wine.    Cover, cook over low-medium heat until the potatoes are soft.

Yumminess ensues.   Eat up!